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Design Philosophy


"The life and beauty of the great cathedrals comes from their pattern languages.  So does the beauty of the

smallest place which comes to life.  And the degree to which a building comes to life, and moves us, always

hinges on the power of the pattern language which it builders used" 

Christopher Alexander,  The Timeless Way of Building


My design philosophy takes all the elements that make a person's feeling of place and I transform them into

the built environment.  Designing is not just placing wood and nails together, but getting the essence of a client's needs.

Company Profile:

I am a sole proprietor firm.  I started my sole proprietorship in Massachusetts.  I am now back in New Jersey. My work is

primarily residential, but prior to creating my own firm I had a varied work experience.   I have worked, not only on residential

but health care facilities, retail and K-12 in New York and New Jersey firms.


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