I believe that design is a collaborative process between the Architect and the client.  Communication is essential to reach the final design that serves the client properly.

     Initial Meeting

I will meet the client at the site of their project and review with them their project scope.  I will document the project site with photos in order to write a formal proposal.  Once I have client approval of my written proposal an AIA B141-Standard Form of Agreement Between Owner & Architect will be submitted to client for approval.  In conjunction with the contract approval the following phases will start the design process.


      Architectural Design Phase

Documentation: I will document the existing building (measuring) from which I will create the base drawing that will allow me to develop the schematic designs.


Schematic Design: I will transform the written project scope into two possible schemes.    These two schemes will be illustrated by plans and elevations.  I will meet the client at the end of this phase to review the schematic designs.  A client might prefer one scheme over another or the design might be a hybrid of the two schemes.


Developed Design: I will modify the design according the client's comments from the schematic design meeting.  I will also refine the drawings, and the amount of detail i.e. finishes, window manufacturer, kitchen cabinet layout etc.  This will become the final design.  The structural engineer will be engaged at this point. This design will once again take the form of plans and elevations. This will be the last meeting between the client and myself before  the construction drawing phase.


     Construction Drawing Phase

i will incorporate any changes to the design from the developed design meeting.  I will complete the drawings and specifications necessary for the building permits, bidding, and construction.   This will include all structural and electrical schematics for this project.


     Construction Administration Phase

I will be available for any questions or problems that may occur during construction.  I will attend job meetings as required per the project .


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